Iris OrdeanIris Ordean is a young art historian and art critic, a postgraduate alumni of the University of St Andrews,  art custodian at the Venice Biennale and developing a career in [freelance] art writing.

A diverse background, including philology studies, conservation of artistic patrimony and art history enables her to combine skills from three different areas in Humanities and transform them in lucrative practice. Her greatest assets are curiosity, an open mind, complete honesty and a critical eye. She never stops asking questions, challenge opinions and taking action rather than passively accepting the status quo.

Her interests (in no particular order): contemporary art, performance art, photography, art criticism, ice-cream, contemporary art curatorship, education and therapy through art, chocolate, colourful clothing, opinionated people, Jane Austen, Lenny Kravitz, independent cinema, classical movies, cocktails, cheese, Mediterranean food, globetrotting, Brazil, New York, backpacking, anthropology, foreign languages of any type, etc., etc., etc.

She dislikes: unfounded pretentiousness, ignorance, extremism, homophobia, xenophobia, snakes, indoctrination and bad wine.